In the recovery room I wrote a list of all the ways that you're beautiful.
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Drumline 05-06. [16 Aug 2005|03:06pm]
[ mood | Excited. I just can't hide it. ]

Top 5 Quotes of the 2005-2006 Drumline;

5. Sook it!
4. Bitch, git me some pie.
3. Ladies & Gentleman, Matt Kogoy.
2. Mayonnaise.
& number 1,
Oh, Miguel!

There ya have it folks.

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Yikes. [02 Aug 2005|03:09pm]
[ mood | Lazy. Lovely ]

Haven't been around lately. Oh well. I wasted summer anyway slaving at Gerrity's. But, cash is a pleasant thing I never like to go without. Heh. I managed to find out what the district audition for bassoon is, & low & behold, got the wrong one. Go me! I'm such an intellect. Whatever. It's a cool song to play so I don't mind. Drumline is gonna take over my life & that means I won't have to slave at G-e-double r-i-t-y-s. THANK GOD. All I do is pick up rats there anyway...

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Bale me. [14 Jul 2005|11:00pm]
[ mood | Enthralled! ]

Christan Bale is lovely. Bootleg copies of Batman Begins are lovely too.


Why does this shit happen? Seriously. [30 Jun 2005|02:00pm]
[ mood | Pissed & upset. ]

Momma Petes is in the hospital. She thought she was having a heart attack this morning & they rushed her to General. But, she wasn't having a heart attack & she's okay now. They think she pulled a muscle & has, get this, acid reflux. But, they tested her & they don't like how something looks in her blood. I swear, in the time of 2 months, 2 of my family members got rushed to the ER. I'm so sick of this shit...


Drexel? [20 Jun 2005|08:44pm]
[ mood | Fucked. ]

Alrighty. I don't think it's a secret that I want to go to Drexel to major in music industry. This is where I need your help. For Special Admission Considerations at Drexel, I must submit a music portfolio including the following;

1. a 2-3 page essay discussing why the applicant wishes to come to Drexel, career goals, how the applicant intends to accomplish these goals, and contact information.
2. a one page resume listing experience related to music;
3. a cd demo and/or business propaganda (the cd demo should be no more than three tracks with a separate sheet describing the applicant's involvement in each tracks’ production; any clippings, photographs, articles, etc.)

My question is, would business propaganda count by promoting bands & possibly organizing shows?

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Womp. [18 Jun 2005|09:39am]
[ mood | A good mood I can't name ]

Burrah came over last night & she brought GARDEN STATE! I couldn't wait to see that movie. So, I gave her the birthday presents I got her & we watched it. It's so damn good. When he kisses Sam by that rock thing & then just holds her so tight, I fucking melted. That movie is awesome & so damn impressive for a first time screenplay. Ahhhhh, SO GOOD! Which, brings the list of movies I need to see/& or purchase;

Star Wars III
Sex, Lies, & Videotape
Lost in Translation
the Life Aquatic
Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
Say Anything
the Breakfast Club
the Royal Tenenbaums on DVD

Also, suggest books for me to read. I need books.

Oh, & help me pick out some stuff. Again; yeah.Collapse )
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Seriously. [17 Jun 2005|03:28pm]
[ mood | Nahmean? ]

Mmm, who wants to go see Batman at some point? Give me a holla. Cause uhhh, I wanna go.

That would be the reason I want to go.

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Ummm hummm. [10 Jun 2005|10:50am]
[ mood | So, so good! ]

Well, I was tagged to do that 5 most important songs to you or some shit a while back. I realized I never did it. So, uhhh, I'll do that now.

5. "The New Romance" Pretty Girls Make Graves- This song has a fucking awesome beat to it & I love Andrea Zollo's voice like woah. The last line of the song is really grabbing & too true. "Restless, fed up tough & clever. Wishing this would last forever is futile when you know it won't."

4. "Gentle & Elegant" A Life Once Lost- In the middle of this song, I get the shivers. I don't know why, but this song does that to me.

3. "Touch Me" the Doors- Haha, I love to dance around to this song. That's it.

2. "Cecilia & the Silhouette Saloon" the Blood Brothers- Ahh! I love this song so much!!! I love the way it starts out, gradually gains momentum, & slows down in the middle, & picks up again. Plus, the Blood Brothers are lyrical geniouses.

1. "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows" Brand New- Okay, we all saw this coming. I love this song. I love the lyrics. I love the way the song slows down to an almost hault & Jesse Lacey sings really low "I lie for only you..." & the other guy comes in singing the chorus. This song makes me feel so....oh God, I can't even explain it.

Dan's party was last night. Oh man, it was a good time. The Kitty Katz singing "Bootylicious" was marv. Eileen floorpunching like a hardcore motherfuck. Swingdancing with Jon Royer. Oh my!

Okay, so I have pictures. They will be shown in a super post featuring the Sophomore Party, Band Trip, last day of school, & now the party.

Summer is starting off fucking AWESOME!


Hm. [09 Jun 2005|04:54pm]
[ mood | Fuck me, k? ]

Haven't updated for a long time. Well, today was the last day of school.


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Kayleigh Peters, yeah. I'd do her. [10 May 2005|03:00pm]
[ mood | Moo. ]

Ohhhh, band trip in one day. I'm all hfjehcFrcUDftufgd in the head. Ahh buhhh. It's nice out.

I really don't want to work today. I need to pack.

This entry fucking sucked.

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Woot! [07 May 2005|07:14pm]
[ mood | Pumped up with jams! ]

Band trip in 4 days!?

I'm pumped. Yes yes!

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Thank you. <3 [01 May 2005|04:47pm]
[ mood | Shocked. That's the word. ]

Today was actually the worst ever. My pop is in the hospital. He lost 5 pints of blood. Today at about 12, he passed out on me. I never had to react so quick in my life. I saw him coming out of the back pourch where the bathroom is. He was holding onto the door & swaying back in forth. I said to him, "you're gonna pass out, aren't you?" So, I grabbed him from behind & was screaming at him to let go of the door. I called my Gram to come downstairs. She yelled "WHAT!?" & I screamed "POP IS PASSED OUT!!! GET DOWN HERE!!!" & she started to spaz. I got him water, but he wouldn't drink it. Tried orange juice, he wouldn't drink that either. I called my mom & aunt & they came right home. Lori & Gram took him to the hospital where they found out he needed a blood transfusion. So, at that point, no band concert for moi.

My uncle drives me to the highschool. I run in bawling my eyes out & tell Mr. K I have to leave. I go to the hospital where my pop tells me to go to the concert. So, I call Matt & tell him to tell Sarah that I'm coming. I get there & Mr. K hungs me & tells me if I need to go offstage or whatever I can. But, I played okay & Sarah's dad gave me & my mom a ride home.

In closing, thank you SO MUCH Sarah Berry. I actually love you with all my heart & I thank you so much for being there. & thanks Matt for having a cellphone on you.

You guys are seriously great. <3333333

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blah [23 Apr 2005|06:01pm]
[ mood | What the fuck dude? ]

Yeah, I def. had a little kid grab come close to my boob at work. Yeahhhhhh. Rodano's tonight. Uh huh. I went to Habitat today & it sucked. Sucked sucked sucked. I have to do something constructive for once. Pictures from Soph. Party & Rodano's will exsist tomorrow. Pinky swear.


Yeah, yeah yeah... [20 Apr 2005|10:06pm]
[ mood | Your random fucking cynic ]

Sophomore Party came & went. It was really fun. You'll get to see some pictures later. me pick out some shit.Collapse )

Saturday looks good to me.

PS; I want the Killers to go away. Please.

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Do this, fucks. [15 Apr 2005|06:18pm]
[ mood | Sure. ]

So yeah. Me & Surrah decorated for the Soph. Party. Now she's over fucking with my cellular device. Yeah. Do this. Or something.

1. Post the names of 20 of your favorite musicians.
2. See who can guess which is your favorite song by each.
3. Once someone guesses right, bold that row and include the song.

1. An Albatross. "The Vitaly Important Pelvic Thrust". SURRAH BURRAH!
2. Brand New. "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows". Amelia!
3. Converge.
4. the Doors.
5. Fear Before the March of Flames.
6. Give Up the Ghost.
7. Glassjaw.
8. Matchbook Romance. "Stay Tonight". Amelia!
9. mewithoutYou.
10. Norma Jean.
11. Spitalfield.
12. Straylight Run. "The Tension & the Terror". Amelia!
13. UnderOATH.
14. the Blood Brothers.
15. the Faint.
16. Senses Fail. "One Eight Seven". Amelia!
17. the Postal Service.
18. He Is Legend.
19. Since by Man.
20. the Hives.

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Yay kids! [14 Apr 2005|07:30pm]
[ mood | Excited! ]

I got an iPod Mini! It's green for those who care.

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DRESS!! [29 Mar 2005|04:34pm]
[ mood | WEEEEEEE!!! ]

I got my dress & I'm at Ellen's. The end.

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MURDEROTICA! [15 Mar 2005|08:49pm]
[ mood | Yeah! ]

I heard the Junior Prom theme is "One Night In Paris". Will Paris blow-up dolls, a digital camera, & a DSL cable be included?

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Surveys are for SLUTS. [12 Mar 2005|10:02pm]
[ mood | Fuck ittttt. ]

I'm listening to old-skool TBS. Before "A Decate Under the Shitfluence" came out & John Nolan left. Awesome. Fiji water is actually amazing. I really want some Tiger Lilies right now. They rock.

- Section 1 -
- Most hated nickname: None. I'm too cool to hate.
- Type of burial and location of burial: Toss me in the fucking ground.
- Hopeful Death Year: Before I hit 40. Ew.
- Lowest GPA ever: I don't fuckin' know.
- Favorite Evil Thing to say or do: Fuck wit yo mindddd.
- Is your tongue long, medium or short: Normal.
- Hair color: Dark brown. Colourblind fucks call it "black-brown". Fuck me.
- Eye color: Dark brown. Again "black-brown". But I can actually see that.
- Style: Black Old Navy hoodie everyday, AE jeans, white three row pyramid belt, some kinda tshirt, soxzzz, Vicky's underthingies, my Celtic jewelery (heart necklace, worry ring, claddagh ring.), & flesh tunnels.

- Section 2 - Have You Ever -
- Cheated on someone?: Nope. I dun roll dat way G.
- Been Cheated on?: Ha, probably.
- Fallen off the bed?: Who hasn't?
- Broken someone’s heart?: Probably.
- Had your heart broken?: You bet!
- Had a dream come true?: Yeah.
- Done something you regret?: Yeah. I AM human.
- Cheated on a test: Yessss.

- Section 3 - Currently -
- Wearing?: Red tshirt from Sally's, tan plaid Nautica pajama pants, red striped Vicky's undies, black lace Vicky's bra, necklace, & uhhh that's it.
- Listening to?: OLD SKOOL TAKING BACK SUNDAY!!! "You Know How I Do" to be specific.
- Located?: The Champagne Room.
- Chatting with?: Myself.
- Watching?: Law & Order: SVU.
- Should REALLY be doing? Having sex & doing heroin.

- Section 4 - Do You -
- Brush your teeth?: No. I like cavities & bad breath.
- Have any piercings?: Gauged ears. Helix. Fucking gay.
- Drive?: Ha. Hahahah. HAHAHAHAH.
- Drink?: When I can.
- Smoke?: When I can.
- Like to give hugs?: Depends on who you are.
- Like to give kisses?: Depends on who you are.
- Prefer black or blue pens?: Black.
- Like to travel?: I guess.
- Sleep on your side, stomach or back?: Stomach. I spraw across the bed.
- Have a goldfish?: No. I FUCKING HATE FISH!!!
- Ever have the falling dream?: Yeahhh...
- Have stuffed animals?: Yeah. Can we say "Boo-Bah"?

- Section 5 - The Last Person You -
- Hugged?: My mom!<3
- Kissed?: I stage kissed Ellen at Habitat. Isn't that hawttt?
- IMed?: K.Voitek?
- Talked on the phone: Ellen.
- Yelled at?: Kaylin. Actually, I wasn't yelling AT her. I was having a bitchfit.

- Section 6 - Personal -
- What do you want to be when you finish college?: I'm gonna have a record company.
- What has been the best day of your life?: CAR RIDES<3.
- Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush?: I WISH I didn't.
- What are you most scared of?: YO FACE. Nah. Life without LOVE. QUEER.
- What do you usually think about before you go to bed? Music. I literally sing to sleep.
- Love your family?: Yeah, if they don't suck.
- Love your friends?: Yeah, if they don't suck.

- Section 7 - Favorite -
- Band: Toughy....uhhh... top three; Blood Brothers, Brand New, & FBTMOF.
- Store: Old Navy, the Gap & AE for my $48 low-rise ass-huggin' jeans. Stores in general; Journey's & Gallery of Sound.
- Relative: MOMMA & GRANDPA PETES!<3
- Sport: Marching Band. It counts.
- Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
- Fruit: Pomegranates & strawberries.
- Candy: Jolly Ranchers.
- Day of the Week: Friday.
- Color: Red.
- Name for a Girl: Rosalind & Philippa.
- Name for a Boy: Hayden & Gregory.

- Section 8 - What Do You Think About -
- Abortion: PRO-CHOICE.
- Suicide: No.
- Smoking: Go for it.
- Eating disorders: Don't get me started.
- Summer: Coo.
- Tattoos: Yes please.
- Piercings: I like them. I wanna make out with a guy with a lip ring. Oh sex me.

- Section 9 - This or That -
- Pierced nose or tongue?: Tongue. Nose ones look cheap on some people.
- Single or taken?: Single. OPEN ENDED FUCKING.
- 7th Heaven or Dawson's Creek?: Ew, neither. A bunch of Bible Bangers vs. a show about a guy with an abnormally large cranium? I think I'll pass.
- Sugar or salt?: Salt.
- Silver or gold?: Silver.
- Chocolate or flowers?: Flowers. I like Tiger Lilies.
- Color or Black-and-white photos?: Black & white.
- M&Ms or Skittles?: Skittles.
- Stay up late or sleep in?: Sleep in.
- Hot or cold?: Hot.
- Mustard or ketchup?: Ketchup. Mustard is gross.
- Spring or Fall?: Fall.
- Happy or sad?: Happy.
- Wonder or amazement?: Amazement.
- Mexican or Italian: Italian. Meh-he-can food gives me bad heartburn. LOLZERZ.
- Candy or Soda?: SODA. I gave that shit up for lent. Pump it through me interveiniously.
- Pepsi or Coke?: Pepsi.

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Still on the hunt. [11 Mar 2005|01:44pm]
[ mood | Melodramatic. ]

No dress yet. Lame. I'm applying for a job at the Gallery of Sound. Gerrity's is beat. I went to get my permit yesterday & I failed. Go me. I have pictures.

I should seriously go to period 8 band more often.Collapse )

Oh. I picked up the Postal Service's single. It's awesome. Check it out. I also got Norma Jean's new CD. Also awesome.

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